A Quarter of Nostalgia

in collaboration with

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One out of four Indian children is malnourished. 

We wanted to do our bit to change this reality. 

We joined forces with India’s macaron queen and her path-breaking brand Le15 to find a way of providing nutritious meals and delicious memories to children supported by Save The Children, India.


The outcome? 

‘A Quarter of Nostalgia’ series.

Six limited edition art-plates that bring alive happy childhood memories!


Three-quarters of each plate represent giddy, rose-tinted, stomach-cramping laughter-laced, tiny heart-thumping childhood memories.

 One-quarter of the plate has been left empty to communicate the sobering reality that these plates aim to fix.


The best part? 

Each plate sold = 14 plates of nutritious meals for a child!



by Sandhya Prabhat

Six tiny feet padded outside: Four furry, golden legs and two

paint-stained feet.

Both round, excited eyes spotted it at the same time. They were whisked into action by a playful breeze that wanted to join in the chase.

The four-legged runner had an unfair advantage, using his tail to swat his competitor out of the race. His ears refused to listen to the calls of “bad boy”, and his razor-sharp focus won him a prize he wouldn’t trade for the world: a shiny, red ball.

The two-legged runner collapsed in disappointment, hiding his flushed face between his legs.

A wet nose head-butted the upset mass of limbs and dropped the ball.

Disappointment changed to glee in seconds, and a large, furry embrace begun.

The joyful tangle of child and dog were oblivious to the honking, the heat and the neighbours complaining about ‘that nuisance dog always making noise’. Together, they escaped to a happier, more innocent world, where they were the only inhabitants.


by Annushka Hardikar


In the last hour, the hero had climbed up a mountain in the Himalayas, saved his sister from an axe-wielding villain with six heads and chased away a swarm of demonic bats.


He was exhausted and badly in need of rest. The forest cleared, and a serene pond swimming with lotuses adorned with overhanging, fruit-laden branches appeared.


“Nani, I want an action story, not a nature story!”


“My bacha, if you eat one more roti, I’ll tell you an action story.”

Timeless tales by Annushka Hardikar.png


by Santanu Hazarika

Curiosity crept into two young brains, as they slipped out for a midnight walk.

A wagging tail followed. Creaks, hisses and nature’s loud breathing punctuated the night.

Suddenly, the four paws broke into a gallop, followed by his stumbling two-legged companions.

The explorers stopped in their tracks.

The army of the night was descending.

Whiskers flared, and sharp teeth snapped boldly, even though the defender’s tail had lost stature and slipped between his trembling legs.

Luckily, the army came in peace, for a moonlit, eerily fluorescent hug.

The explorers were embraced in a blanket of fireflies as if tiny stars had taken flight and landed here and now. Both explorers attempted to catch them, but the fireflies daintily kissed their hands, and apologised that they couldn’t come home with the explorers: they were destined to be free.


by Nikhil Shinde


The watch that came with the cereal ticked furiously. The water bottle bumped against a uniformed chest. The white canvas shoes kicking up dust furiously would be dirty, and Maa would be angry.


The door to the home was the beginning of an obstacle course. However, champions didn’t listen to voices that pulled them down: not Maa yelling to change out of uniform first, not even Nani asking which good boy was going to drink his milk.


The biggest threat was staring the champion in the face: a sister with a clashing cartoon schedule. The Olympic wrestling match for the remote ended as quickly as it began, with a furious sister vowing revenge.


The champion enjoyed the fruits of victory: one glorious hour with his true love: Tom and Jerry.

It was a love so intense that he noticed nothing else, not the milk glass placed in his hand, not even Maa’s slap for the dirty shoes. Only when the lion roared at the end, did the rest of the world begin to exist.


by Ashwin Chacko


“He’s unqualified for the mission. He will obviously fail!”

“He’s so clumsy. If you send him, he’ll definitely drop all the equipment required for the mission to succeed.”

The head of the mission held up her hand.

The decision was made.

She motioned to her youngest team member to carry on, to the angst of the older, more competent members.

The youngest ran like he never had, mounted his superbike and zoomed off.

He dodged the traffic like a bullet, reached the destination in record time, and revved his bike up for the journey back.

 The wind streaked through his hair as he took the long route home.

A bump appeared out of nowhere, and the rider of the world’s fastest superbike fell backwards.

His ego took an even bigger hit than the equipment when he had to go home and say “Mama, cycle tyre got punctured, and the milk also spilt.”


by Aishwarya Mankar


Team Blue’s unblinking stare met Team Red’s arched eyebrow: this was serious business. Team Blue’s player rolled. The tension in the air could’ve been sliced with a Samurai sword.


The dice slowed. It was the number they needed. Team Blue tiptoed past the snake and hopped onto the ladder to that coveted ‘100’.


Team Red exploded, accusations of cheating and dice fixing were yelled. Team Blue was too busy high-fiving to hear.


“Enough snakes and ladders, Maggi is ready, come down boys!”


The war was over, and they were all brothers again.

Game Nights by Aishwarya Mankar.png