“He’s unqualified for the mission. He will obviously fail!”

“He’s so clumsy. If you send him, he’ll definitely drop all the equipment required for the mission to succeed.”

The head of the mission held up her hand.

The decision was made.

She motioned to her youngest team member to carry on, to the angst of the older, more competent members.

The youngest ran like he never had, mounted his superbike and zoomed off.

He dodged the traffic like a bullet, reached the destination in record time, and revved his bike up for the journey back.

 The wind streaked through his hair as he took the long route home.

A bump appeared out of nowhere, and the rider of the world’s fastest superbike fell backwards.

His ego took an even bigger hit than the equipment when he had to go home and say “Mama, cycle tyre got punctured, and the milk also spilt.”

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Playful. Experimental. Powerful. 

Known to the world as Whacko Chacko. Dublin based illustrator, hand-letterer, typography enthusiast. Created art for Nike, Puma, Vans, and more. 

Inspired by: Street art. Comics. Music.

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