The watch that came with the cereal ticked furiously. The water bottle bumped against a uniformed chest. The white canvas shoes kicking up dust furiously would be dirty, and Maa would be angry.


The door to the home was the beginning of an obstacle course. However, champions didn’t listen to voices that pulled them down: not Maa yelling to change out of uniform first, not even Nani asking which good boy was going to drink his milk.


The biggest threat was staring the champion in the face: a sister with a clashing cartoon schedule. The Olympic wrestling match for the remote ended as quickly as it began, with a furious sister vowing revenge.


The champion enjoyed the fruits of victory: one glorious hour with his true love: Tom and Jerry.


It was a love so intense that he noticed nothing else, not the milk glass placed in his hand, not even Maa’s slap for the dirty shoes. Only when the lion roared at the end, did the rest of the world begin to exist.



Emotive. Sepia Tones. Big Eyed.


Self-taught illustrator. Exploring the mystique in human nature. 


Inspired by: Characters. Mermaids. Real Life. 

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