Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas

Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas

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100% profits will go to Sanctuary Nature Foundation

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Designed by Khushboo Gupta

Dia Mirza & Sanctuary Nature Foundation join us to co-create the exquisite ‘Call of the Wild’ series. This art piece is inspired by one of Sanctuary’s project leaders, Amir Kumar Chhetri, who aims to foster safer shared spaces between people and wildlife in West Bengal.

Crafted on stretched pinewood canvas with vibrant, easy-to-paste decals
that extend beyond the frame to tell a story.

Mounting Material: Durable pinewood

Canvas Material: Mixed cotton with acrylic priming making it less absorbent & the colours vibrant

Size: 18 X 24 X 1 inch

Weight: 1.5 Kg

Includes: Comes in eco-conscious packaging to address negative environmental impact with a pre-attached wall mount & a special card with a lovingly written story that explores the efforts of Amir Kumar Chhetri

Care & instructions: To clean, use a wet wipe or a soft cloth.

Elephants Can Remember

It was a vibrant day in the enchanting forest village of Panijhora, where a family of elephants basked in the warm glow of the sun.

The mother elephant, stood as the protector of her beloved kin. A flicker of concern passed through her wise eyes, for the world around them had changed. She watched her playful baby, his innocent curiosity guiding his every step. He frolicked through the tall grass, stumbling upon a glimmering object. The mother elephant remembered something similar from the times when one of her friends had run into it & had immediately fallen to the ground, immobilised.

Oblivious to its purpose, the baby charged forward, colliding with a soft thud. Fear gripped the mother's heart, anticipating the worst for her cherished calf. However, as she rushed to his side, a wave of relief washed over her like a soothing breeze. The sturdy solar panel stood resolute, and her baby remained unharmed.

In that poignant moment, the mother elephant witnessed the transformative power of the man who had replaced the perilous fences with something safer. He had taken it upon himself to protect her family, to create a haven of safety amidst the wild. Filled with gratitude, the mother elephant trumpeted a joyous symphony into the wilderness, a melodic expression of her appreciation for the man who had become their protector.

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What’s unique about this series?

Rare Only 50 pieces  produced at a time


Thoughtfully crafted
limited edition pieces
Exquisite Each artwork is part of our most coveted curations


Spanning across 3 premium
product categories
Impactful Each Purchase=  20 Meals Donated


Each piece explores a
crucial ecological issue

A visionary genius. An empowering voice. Seven gifted artists.


A conscientious entrepreneur
lends her voice to the crisis that impacts us all


Founder of Sanctuary Asia Magazine, brings thought-provoking perspectives to the forefront

Khushboo Gupta

Globally renowned artists piece together a compelling narrative that is, the Call of the Wild


A Collector's Edition crafted in eco-conscious packaging to tell stories that matter


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact I am making by buying this piece?
This is a 100% charity collection. So all the profits from this collection will be donated to Sanctuary Nature Foundation to support initiatives that address crucial ecological issues. Each art piece also is centred around critical narratives highlighting the impact of urbanisation on the ecosystem & therefore generates awareness about the same.
How is this a Limited Edition Collection?
This collection has been created in collaboration with Dia Mirza & Sanctuary Nature Foundation to produce only 50 pieces of each art piece. It brings 9 different ecological narratives to the forefront through 10 exquisitely crafted artworks created with gifted artists, including the celebrated Johnny Ganta.
What are the products in this collection?
This collection spans across 3 different product types. We have 24 K gold rimmed ceramic plates, canvases that are crafted in mixed cotton with acrylic priming and premium fibre framed, decor plates with a dust-proofed glass front to give the artworks a two-dimensional look.
Can these be hung on the wall?
All the products from this collection come with a pre-attached wall hook that can be easily mounted onto your walls.
What are the sizes of the products?
The framed decor plates from this collection come in two different sizes depending on the art piece: 11 X 11 by 2 inches (Frame) 7.5 inches (Plate) & 15 X 15 by 2 inches (Frame) 10 inches (Plate). The canvases are 18 X 24 X 1 inch while the 24K gold rimmed ceramic plates are 10 inches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very Good product for gifting

I order a wall hanging part of Dia mirza collection which was pretty neat.Cherry on top is that profit seems to go for social causes


Excellent artwork capturing the beauty of langurs


The langur plates were delightful and soul satisfying in every way.

Disha Dhote
Best Decision Ever!

It elevated my bedroom space. I have always been a wildlife enthusiast and this piece of art is justifying my love for the jungle. Can't thank enough!!


Absolutely Stunning! Loved it!

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