The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)
The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)
The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)
The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)
The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)
The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)
The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)

The Deities Quarter Plates (Set of 2)

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The अनादि Gond dinnerware collection is part of the Past.Present.Future series. The essence of Gond art derives from the intimate connection that the people of the Gond tribe share with nature and therefore, each piece in this collection features Nature as the Eternal Witness.

The organic-shaped, hand-crafted quarter plates each celebrate a tree that is intimately connected to Gond Culture.The different plates depict the saja tree, peepal tree, tamarind tree and pakri tree representing the deities and creators in the culture.

Material: Crafted in porcelain

Size: 6.1 inches

Weight: 210 gms x 2 or 420 gms

Includes: A set of 2, organic-shaped quarter plates and a specially crafted fold-out insert.

Care Instructions: Microwave safe and dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle

Each quarter plate celebrates a tree that is intimately connected to Gond Culture:

Saja Tree: Represents the ultimate creator, Bada Dev. The plate depicts the origin story, according to which a crow was created and tasked with finding clay. Along the way, the bird found Kekda mal, the crab and together they dug up the earthworm which spewed out the soil. Over water, the Makda dev (spider king) spun a web, the soil from the earthworm was scattered over it and thus land was created. Badadev then released all living creatures on the land.

Tamarind tree: Sacred, worshipping platforms for Gond deities are often built under Tamarind trees. The pod-like fruit depicted on the plate, is used to make chutney. Usually, the same also serves as a means of livelihood for the people. Thus, the tamarind tree is symbolic of both the spiritual and the realities connected to the Gond people.

Peepal tree: Represents the house of Trimurti - Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. While one half of the plate holds intricate patterns of peepal leaves, the other side highlights the lotus, symbolic of Lord Vishnu, & purity, rebirth and strength.  

Pakri tree: The various flowers illustrated on the plate represent the deity Thakur Dev in Gond culture, who is associated with the Pakri tree. It is also believed that Pakri leaves are cooked to make saag, a dish which protects people from illnesses.


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