Maestros (Set of 3)
Maestros (Set of 3)
Maestros (Set of 3)

Maestros (Set of 3)

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Designed by Rudraneil Mukherjee

Material: High-quality ceramic plate with custom digital print

Size: 10 inch x 3

Includes: 3 Decor plates, foldable display stand, pre-attached wall mount, special card insert with a lovingly written story

Weight: 3 x 800 grams or 2.4 kg

Care & instructions: The plate is meant for display purposes only, not serving. Do not wash the plate. To clean, use a wet wipe or a soft cloth.

Heartstrings (Plate 1) 

She felt a strong pull, her heart was being guided to the stage. A guy sat there with his guitar, singing ‘Blowin in the Wind’. Even before she had seen the instrument her heart had synced to its rhythm. A memory surfaced. Her father tapping his foot and strumming his own guitar, singing a popular 70s number as she sat on the floor, smiling ear to ear. “There’s no one like him,” he said. “I could teach you how to play the guitar.”, said the boy. She smiled widely as she took it and felt the cool strings against her palm. For her dad’s 60th birthday, she would play him his favourite Dylan song. 

Crusaders (Plate 2)

She stood in front of the glass case, Waiting for the crowd to clear. She went over the notes she had put down again, Knowing she had to prepare well for tomorrow. Trepidation and self-doubt consumed her. It was going to be an unconventional composition, One that could make or break her music career. Maybe she should play something safer? Just another popular number? Was she rushing in…? She noticed now, that the crowd in front had cleared. Her eyes fell to the beautiful alder guitar, One that was a reminder of Hendrix and all that he represented. In that one, silent look, she had found the courage she needed. She realised crusaders didn’t follow, They led. 

Back to Seventeen (Plate 3) 

Their eyes met. Suddenly, on a mundane Tuesday morning At the nondescript coffee shop, There they were. It seemed like eons had passed since they had last met. The greys in their hair merely remained evidence of the time past. Their hearts still beating as if they were back in school. Back to seventeen. Almost as though Fate was conspiring to bring them together, The singer at the piano broke into a soulful rendition of The ‘Words of Love’ by the Beatles, The woman gasped. It had been their song. He took her hand then, dancing with her, Rewriting the years they had missed. This time, they would call the shots.

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        WHAT'S IN THE BOX?

        Luxe packaging. Foldable display stand. Pre-attached wall mount.

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        Exclusively designed by the global artists


        Each plate sold = 10 meals donated for artisans


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