Music has the power to change the world.

To end wars.

To fuel revolutions.

But sadly, music sometimes does not have the power to feed the ones that create it.


The brass bands of Mumbai were extremely sought after till the last decade. However, today most brass band members do not have enough money to feed their families.  


We would like to give one of the oldest brass bands in Mumbai a chance to keep playing.  


The proceeds from the sale of this edition of The Plated Project will go to ensure a basic daily income for all members of New Gandharva Brass Band in Mumbai.




Emotive. Textured. Deep Hues. 


Illustrator and ideator at chlorophyll. Crafter of innovative design solutions. Worked with JAWA Motorcycles, a Pro Kabaddi team, and many more. 


Inspired by: Interactions. Travel. Surroundings. 

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