Curiosity crept into two young brains, as they slipped out for a midnight walk.

A wagging tail followed. Creaks, hisses and nature’s loud breathing punctuated the night.

Suddenly, the four paws broke into a gallop, followed by his stumbling two-legged companions.

The explorers stopped in their tracks.

The army of the night was descending.

Whiskers flared, and sharp teeth snapped boldly, even though the defender’s tail had lost stature and slipped between his trembling legs.

Luckily, the army came in peace, for a moonlit, eerily fluorescent hug.

The explorers were embraced in a blanket of fireflies as if tiny stars had taken flight and landed here and now. Both explorers attempted to catch them, but the fireflies daintily kissed their hands, and apologised that they couldn’t come home with the explorers: they were destined to be free.

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Intricate. Surreal. Dark. 


First Red Bull World Doodle Champion. Reality experimenter. Creator of designs for Adidas, Raftaar, Divine, NDTV, and many more. 


Inspired by: Pop Culture. Thoughts. Music.

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