Team Blue’s unblinking stare met Team Red’s arched eyebrow: this was serious business. Team Blue’s player rolled. The tension in the air could’ve been sliced with a Samurai sword.


The dice slowed. It was the number they needed.

Team Blue tiptoed past the snake and hopped onto the ladder to that coveted ‘100’.


Team Red exploded, accusations of cheating and dice fixing were yelled. Team Blue was too busy high-fiving to hear.


“Enough snakes and ladders, Maggi is ready, come down boys!”


The war was over, and they were all brothers again.





Comical. Bright. Genuine.


Also known as The Tiny Artitect. L.S. Raheja School of Architecture Graduate.

 Worked for IIT Bombay, Humans of Bombay, Blue Basil Café and more. 


Inspired by: Memories. Spaces. Lyrics.

See more of her work at:


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