Six tiny feet padded outside: Four furry, golden legs and two paint-stained feet.

Both round, excited eyes spotted it at the same time. They were whisked into action by a playful breeze that wanted to join in the chase.

The four-legged runner had an unfair advantage, using his tail to swat his competitor out of the race. His ears refused to listen to the calls of “bad boy”, and his razor-sharp focus won him a prize he wouldn’t trade for the world: a shiny, red ball.

The two-legged runner collapsed in disappointment, hiding his flushed face between his legs.

A wet nose head-butted the upset mass of limbs and dropped the ball.

Disappointment changed to glee in seconds, and a large, furry embrace begun.

The joyful tangle of child and dog were oblivious to the honking, the heat and the neighbours complaining about ‘that nuisance dog always making noise’. Together, they escaped to a happier, more innocent world, where they were the only inhabitants.

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Animated. Whimsical. Vibrant.


NYU Tisch graduate. California based animator of TV and movies.Worked with Snapchat, Google, Facebook, and more. Crafter of whimsy.


Inspired by: Childhood. Everyday moments. Colour.

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