Because it's her

We've got for you, the most special and

intimate way to celebrate Mother's Day

How do you capture that feeling in a Mother's Day gift?


The way only a mother can make you feel!

The memory of a scent she wore when you were a child.

A hug so tight, it holds you together on the toughest of days.

The magic of opening her saree cupboard, and seeing a rainbow of colour.

A little note in a lunchbox. The only phone number you know by memory.

The comfort of a dish no one has the recipe to.

​This Mother's Day, gift your favourite person personalised, limited edition art plates.

We've curated a collection of thoughtful designs just for the occasion. 

Pick your favourite- we'll engrave a personal message from you to her on the back your selected plate, have it gift wrapped and delivered to her by Mother's day


You only have till the 30th of April to place your orders, so order now for guaranteed delivery by May 9th (Mother's Day)

And this makes it even more special : Each plate you buy = 50 meals for children with special needs! 



Let's celebrate this Mother's day together.