New Beginnings 

Global digital artists helping traditional Indian artisans

The handloom and handicraft industry is the biggest employer in India after the agricultural sector. The current pandemic has shattered the lives of over 200 millions artisans employed by this industry.


New beginnings’ is our attempt to help them.

We’ve collaborated with 11 amazing digital artists from around the globe to create limited edition art plates.

Each plate’s sale sponsors 100 meals for an entire artisan’s family.
The best part, Norwest Venture Partners will match each donation we make!

So each plate’s sale will finally sponsor 200 meals!

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The charity and enablement partner:

Creative Dignity, a movement that is working on relief, rehabilitation and rejuvenation of Indian artisans in a bid to ensure their sustained prosperity. 
They ensure 100% of the funds donated are used to purchase ration kits for artisans. They’ve already raised more than Rs. 60 lakhs in the last three months.
You can find out more about their work at

Our COVID-19 relief impact so far:

Since June, we’ve managed to sponsor 160,000 meals for various daily wage earners in India. We are going to continue to donate profits till the world recovers from this pandemic.