An exquisite union of art & literature

What is art if not a story told on canvas?

This collaboration celebrates our love for the written word and all it stands for.

Inspired by the books of three esteemed authors, we crafted an artistic rendition of their stories on an exclusive collection of art plates.

As we searched for familiarity, love, warmth and adventure between the ye

more than words

Each plate sold = 25 meals donated

We see books for what they are, a bridge between hope and distress. 

We’re set on doubling our impact. The sale of each plate will sponsor 25 meals for the girls at Milaan foundation’s school, so they can have a fair shot at rewriting their future!

Namrita Bachchan

A Full circle

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Megha Rao


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Farrukh Dhondy

Rumi - A new collection

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Get the books that kindled this unique collection.