Backwater vibe

by Gokul G Prasad


“Summers are so boring.” he thought.


It was a summer vacation and all his friends were visiting their relatives in other towns. The first week was ok. He spent time doing this and that.


But today he had nothing left to do. No book to read, no one to play with.


He heard his father calling him. “Good. At least he will give me some work to do.”, he thought as he entered the room in which his father was sitting.


His father said, “Why don’t we go to the river and do some fishing?”


He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.  


His otherwise busy father was asking him for a fishing trip.


His father taught him some tricks to catch fish, told him stories of his younger days and also how happy he was to spend the day with his son.


Though they couldn’t find any fish that day, both of them had found a good friend.

Backwater vibe

  • Material: Ceramic plate with a digital print 

    Weight: 800 grams

    Pack Content: One plate, a display stand, a pre-fitted wall hook and a card with the story about the plate

    Diameter: 10 Inches

    Ships globally.