Banish the Princess!

by Shubham Singh


“You have to send her to boarding school” mother muttered into her morning toast, just loud enough for father to hear. Father sighed sadly. He empathised with his absent minded daughter who wanted nothing more but to be outside, with the flowers and the monkeys and the birds. 


“Is it necessary?” father asked in a tired voice, “she’s a brilliant girl, just let her enjoy her childhood!” 

Mother slammed her teacup onto the table, sending a ripple of sound into the silent hill air. 

“Shyam, if you let her hang around with birds and dogs and monkeys any longer, climbing trees like a savage, she will turn into a monkey. How will you get a monkey married?” 


Father got up wearily and walked outside into the crisp mountain morning. There she was. His little Princess. Hoisting herself up into a tree, scraped knees, messy hair, binoculars around her neck. She turned around, attempted a wave, and went back to climbing. 


She looked so regal there. Amongst the full bloom. Unbothered by the insects, and even the ocassional monkey. Tweeting along with the birds. At ease with the weather. This was her wonderland. Father knew the answer he was going to give his wife. He would not exile his Princess from her kingdom.

Banish the Princess!