by Aarushi Kumar


It consists of:

Water (10 inch)

Eternal queen of the jungle (10 inch)


Makes for the perfect gift for art lovers!



A little water should have cleared her of the deed. At least, that is what she had read. A fairly long bath later, the myriad of her emotions manifested themselves physically. The green blob of her insecurities seduced the blue of her longing. That elusive orange flickered in the distance, taking her back to the one true happy moment in years - the deed she wanted to clear herself of. 

His touch ever so light. His gaze never leaving hers. How could one feel so full one moment and empty the next? Did it hurt? Yes. Will she let him in again? She might.


Eternal queen of the jungle 

The Queen of the Jungle was awake. She stretched, let out a lioness yawn, and went out to hunt. She didn’t have to go very far before she saw her prey. 

Last night’s doughnut box, which was devoured brutally in minutes. 

She played with the folds on her belly. A tiny unruly hair her razor missed was teased by her her calloused finger. The sugar rush released the elusive dopamine. 

A half burnt cover of an airbrushed model in the latest edition of Vogue lay in the corner. 


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Add ons

    'SHIPFREE' : Free shipping on buying 2 plates

    'FLAT500' : INR 500 off on buying 3 or more plates 


    Material: Ceramic plate with a digital print 

    Weight: 2 x 800 grams

    Pack Content: 2 x plate, display stand, a pre-fitted wall hook and a card with the story about the plate 

    Diameter: 10 Inches

    Ships globally.

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