by Aashti Miller


It consists of:

Sectional Horizons (10 inch)
Temporal Elevations (10 inch)
Isolated-Metric-Views (7.5 inch)


Makes for the perfect gift for architecture lovers!

Across dimensions,
both here and there,
both now and then,
they leave with everything they’ve ever had with them. 
Into the balloons and away they go, 
Would things look different now, down below?

They had never known which way was up. Everyone was pointing at a different sky. Now as the ground beneath them dissolves into a grid, everything is but an insignificant speck yet a crucial piece of the puzzle. The diagram is incomplete without them, without their worldviews and their unique perspectives. They come to realize that they not only shape their own realities, their own destinies but also that of each other. 

Surely when they meet again, they would tell the same story, only differently.

After all, all realities coexist,
across dimensions,
both, here and there,
both,now and then.

Mindscapes (set of 3)