Sectional Horizons

by Aashti Miller

Dropped off the grid, 
in a house that floats, 
where foundations don’t hold, 
and walls are but boats.

On deserted streets, 
and intersecting lines, 
where neighbours don’t greet,
and colours don’t rhyme.

They had hoped that there’d come a time, 
when they’d meet in the middle, and see eye to eye.

With the axes warped, and all logic dissolved, 
Will their horizons ever come to meet?
Can the parties involved, their differences resolved,
together traverse these parallel streets?

Sectional Horizons

  • Material: Ceramic plate with a digital print 

    Weight: 800 grams

    Pack Content: One plate, a display stand, a pre-fitted wall hook and a card with the story about the plate

    Diameter: 10 Inches

    Ships globally.