by Gokul G Prasad


The temple bell rang thrice.


Restless, she called from the verandah. “Amma, hurry up. We are getting late for the puja.” 


Her mother rushed out with a puja thali in her hand. 


Clad in a white saree with a golden border, wet hair tied neatly with a small flower garland    pinned over it, and a smile on her face, her mother was ready for the puja.


“My mother is so beautiful”, she thought. 

It was now the mother’s turn to nudge her.


They started their small procession to the nearby temple. Her mother leading with a puja thali in hands and her walking behind holding a corner of the mother’s saree.


They reached the temple just in time for the puja. 


After the puja, as she watched her mother paying respects to the goddess, she thought, “There are two goddesses in this temple. One is inside the sanctum, and one outside.”


  • Material: Ceramic plate with a digital print 

    Weight: 800 grams

    Pack Content: One plate, a display stand, a pre-fitted wall hook and a card with the story about the plate

    Diameter: 10 Inches

    Ships globally.