The Colourful Quirks

by Priyanka Tampi


It consists of:

The Toy Thela (10 inch)
The Filmy Barber (10 inch)

The Floral Auto (7.5 inch)

They would leave for work at the crack of dawn. They would lock up their houses- bare walls and empty halls- for their workspaces where they spent most of their time. It was there that they made themselves truly at home. It is where they set up their versions of reading lamps, area rugs, fairy lights and potted plants; painting their inner worlds onto canvases stretched across spaces and places, moments and faces. 

Obliviously instilling a sense of wonder in everyone they meet, they lead colourful lives with passion and purpose. 

Different personalities, different worlds, what connects them all is their sense of joy, the stories they tell and the elements of play they let seep into their work. 

How many of them have you met?

The Colourful Quirks (set of 3)