The Filmy Barber

by Priyanka Tampi


A man and his dog 

walked into a barbershop

They took their seats

then said “chop chop!”


With a whirl,

the curtains dropped

The hero began to sing

and the man’s heart stopped 


The man whistled, the dog barked 

They liked where this was going

Then again, this was a story

there simply was no knowing


All of a sudden

there was a wreck 

Blades swung awfully 

close to his neck


In a plot twist

the hero was betrayed

The real villain-

was who the heroine portrayed 


She smiled in the mirror

replaying her hits

and with a flourish

the barber rolled out the credits  


Still in a daze the man- 

stood up, enthralled

The tales were worth his money.

It didn’t matter that he was bald

The Filmy Barber

  • Material: Ceramic plate with a digital print 

    Weight: 800 grams

    Pack Content: One plate, a display stand, a pre-fitted wall hook and a card with the story about the plate

    Diameter: 10 Inches

    Ships globally.