Turning the tide
by Muhammed Sajid

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His job was to help people cross from one river bank to the other.


That’s what he had been doing since he was 15. 


But suddenly, he found himself out of business. 


An unknown enemy from a faraway land had forced people in his town to lock themselves up in their homes. 


Yes, sometimes heavy floods would stop him from ferrying people across. But that used to happen in the rainy season and only for a day or two. 


This was strange: it wasn’t a rainy season and it’s been days since anyone crossed banks.


But so many years spent on the river had taught him one thing, ‘This too shall pass!’.


He broke into song as he paddled his boat back home.


You guessed it right: the song was a happy one!

Turning the tide

  • Material: Ceramic with digital print

    Weight: 800 grams

    Pack Content: One plate, a display stand, a wall hook and an info card

    Diameter: 10 Inches

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