by Sasitha Ramanathan


It consists of:

Soulmates (10 inch)

The muse (10 inch)

Nothingness (10 inch)


Makes for the perfect gift for your loved one!



Once upon a time, a two-headed creature walked the galaxy. Fearless. Powerful. Strong. A little too strong for mighty Zeus. He feared them. He feared them because they were together, and alone, he was no match.


He separated them, damned them to a life of misery away from each other. 


They separate us because they’re scared of what we could be together.

Together, we could take down even the Gods. Let’s stay together. 


The muse









Some will understand. Some never will. She’s tired of your mindless chatter, as you try and box, label, categorise and force fit her into the narrow mental compartments you call home. She can’t be captured. She doesn’t care if you understand.


She’ll bloom anyway. 



Busy lives. Multiple goals. Constant chasing. 


Why? When in fact, we’re nothing. Our human bodies will fade into nothingness. Our planet is a little speck o