Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml
Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml

Pawprints of Mischief | Pet Bowl | 800 ml

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100% profits being donated to YODA
(will sponsor 15 meals for strays)

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As seen on
Shark Tank

Designed by Krittika Mittal

Essajees Atelier founded by Sarah Sham joins us to co-create our exquisite 100% for Charity, “Feels Like Home” Pet Bowl Collection. It is a celebration of special moments with your pets who turn the most unfamiliar spaces into a home, while generating awareness about strays who yearn to call a place their own. All profits from this collection will be donated to YODA enabling them to sponsor meals for stray animals.

Exclusively crafted in melamine & 100% BPA free, making every meal safe to enjoy for your pets, this bowl can be used as a water bowl for smaller dogs & cats or is perfect as a food bowl for larger dogs.

Outer material: Crafted in durable food-grade material, melamine. The bowls also have an anti-skid base.

Inner material: Corrosion-free Stainless Steel

Size: 6.6 inches

Weight: 600 gms

Capacity: 800 ml

Easy to maintain: The inner bowl is removable to ensure hassle-free cleaning, is rust-resistant & built to last

Includes: A single melamine pet bowl and a specially crafted fold-out insert that carries a lovingly written story

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe | Not microwave safe

Pawprints of Mischief

Zoya arrives at the park, settling down for a long-awaited picnic. As the sun bathes the park in a warm glow, her beloved furry companion, Oliver looks up at her, eyes glittering in anticipation. Oliver, a whimsical ball of fur, sneezes at a vibrant flower, a gentle protest against nature's tickle.

Chasing butterflies becomes their shared pursuit, a dance of whimsy amid the grassy field. As the day unfolds, however, a moment of panic grips Zoya’s heart. She can’t seem to locate him! She frantically searches for him, calling him, and even enlists a small search party.

It is only when she despondently sits down at their spot, almost in tears that she discovers him curled up inside the picnic basket, a mischievous grin adorning his face. Happy tears and laughter blend with relief on this day of misadventures, reminding Zoya that the most cherished moments are often found in the whimsical mischief that brightens her world.

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For your pet and for the stray animals. Every purchase sponsors meals for strays at YODA

‘Feels like Home’ comes to life

Meet the forces that made this 100% for charity collection possible


Sarah Sham, the visionary founder of Essajees Atelier lends her expertise to craft a series raising awareness for rescue animals


In synergy with accomplished artists Krittika Mittal and Uma Gokhale, impeccable pet bowls that tell loving stories come to life.


A dedicated Mumbai-based NGO, our impact partner, joins forces with us in extending care and sustenance to strays in need

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

Loving the size of this bowl! Perfect for my larger dog. Definitely a thumbs up!


The anti-skid base is a game-changer. No more chasing the bowl around the kitchen – my cat can now dine in peace.


If my cat could write a review herself, it would be a love letter to this bowl.


Gifted this bowl to my friend's pet and it was an instant hit! It's like their dining area got a makeover with a sprinkle of mischievous fun.


I love the design of the bowl, the story behind it, the cause behind it. Don’t have a pet but have been gifting to all those who do in my circle.


Bought two of these – one for water and one for food. The size is just right for my cat. Not too big, not too small.


I appreciate the simplicity of this bowl, and the removable inner bowl is a practical addition.


I had previously gifted the By your side plate to my parents. This time I gifted this pet bowl to my brothers rescue dog. Now, I have officially been crowned as the gift-giving guru of my family.


Adorable design and impressive quality.


Simple yet effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact I am making by buying this piece?
"This is a 100% Charity Collection. So all the profits from this collection will be donated to YODA to support stray animals who yearn for a loving home. With every small bowl you buy, you sponsor 10 meals for these furry friends & every big bowl sponsors 15 meals. "
What makes your pet bowls unique?
Our pet bowls are crafted in durable food-grade material, melamine & are absolutely BPA free, making every meal safe to enjoy for your pets. The bowls also have an anti-skid base. The inner bowl material is made of corrosion-free Stainless Steel. Each bowl also comes with a specially written insert that carries stories celebrating the special moments we share with our pets.
What sizes do your pet bowls come in?
Our pet bowls come in two sizes, 5.5 inches which has a 400 ml capacity and 6.5 inches which has a 800 ml capacity. The larger bowl can be used as a water bowl & the smaller bowl can be used as a food bowl.
How do I clean the bowl?
The bowls are made of melamine and are dishwasher safe. The inner bowl is removable for hassle-free cleaning, is rust-resistant & built to last. You can use water and dishwashing detergent to clean the bowls.
How long will it take for an international order to reach me?
We generally deliver international orders within 12-15 business days.
How can I track or modify my order?
You can reach out to us 1-3 days after you’ve placed your order for modifications. You will receive an email & whatsapp message with your tracking number and a link, once your order has been dispatched. Once your order has been shipped a tracking link will be generated which will be sent to you via email and whatsapp. You can use this link to track your order. For modifications, you can contact us via whatsapp or email for upto 3 days from the day you place the order.

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