City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4
City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4
City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4
City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4
City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4
City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4
City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4
City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4

City of Poetry | Coasters | Set of 4

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Designed by Surabhi Banerjee

Guided by the ethereal Heron, who becomes the celestial witness, each piece from this limited edition series, is a chapter for you to discover, in the anthology of time.

In collaboration with Antiquity Natural Water for Kala Ghoda Festival, this creation is an exquisite ode to Kolkata a testament to the nostalgic red brick houses, the green shuttered window & the bookish charm of the poetic city.

Size: 4 inches

Weight: 29 x 4 or 116 gms

Material: Water-repellant, laminated MDF

Box Includes: A set of 4 MDF coasters and a detailed insert with a specially crafted backstory

Care Instructions: Gently wash with water

The City of Poetry

High above Kolkata's embrace, the Heron soared on the wings of time. Below, Alpona adorned worn floors, a testament to the years of tradition passed on through generations of Bengali women. A Kantha saree draped a tea shop, sheltering endearing conversations beneath its threads. The tram's echoes lingered, a melody of yesteryears in the air. Das Gupta's bookshop stood as a literary monument, where pages whispered tales to the wind. Phoochkawala's spices wove a fragrant tapestry, while rowacks stood like ancient sentinels, preserving adda's sweet spell. Against red brick house, green-shuttered windows and letter boxes hummed stories untold, as Jamdani-clad women sold fish tales. The Heron, a silent witness, immortalized Kolkata's cultural lore in each beat of its wings.

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A Collector’s Edition

Decor plates, bottles and coasters unearthing
the tales woven into the fabric of time through
the common place, the wistful & the arcane

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this collection unique?
This is an exquisite limited edition series created in collaboration with Antiquity Natural Mineral Water for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2024 where four artists from across India have come together to reimagine our beloved cityscapes & take us on a poetic pilgrimage through Kolkata, Mumbai, Jaipur & Panaji (Goa). Each artwork features cultural treasures that form the beating hearts of our beloved cityscapes.The collection is an exclusive production of only 100 pieces of each.
What are the products in this series?
This series features products across categories. It includes 10-inch ceramic decor plates which are meant for display purposes, 4-inch water-repellent, laminated MDF coasters & 700 ml leakproof, stainless steel bottles that are 100% BPA free. 
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