Art has always fed the soul,
But what if it can feed the hungry too?

365 days.
1 million food plates.

In 2019, the earliest team members, hunched around a table by dusk-light, coined the name ‘The Plated Project’.

Our adversary? Hunger. Our crusader? Art.

Limited edition
art pieces
Crafted by
global artists
Each piece feeds
the hungry

But how can art confront a global issue?

 Working with artists, we re-imagine everyday objects into functional
works of art that drive awareness & sponsor meals for the vulnerable.

By sponsoring 650,000+ meals

We are proud to say, each of our creations has championed a cause.

Our Purpose?

To establish a sustainable, for-profit business model that gives back.

Merging innovation, art & commerce

Every art-infused piece is conceptualised with immersive storytelling and our business model ensures, each product generates revenue for its creator.

Our Milestones

It’s not a race, it’s a marathon!

The Plated Project is born

June 2019

Our first 100% charity sale

June 2020

Sponsored 500K meals for the hungry

September 2021

Created our Brand Film with Meta

November 2021

And here’s a peek into who has joined us along the way!

Malika Favre

Suket Dhir


Creative Dignity

Talk of the town

Layered and intricate, these artworks are on an
unusual medium to make a point. Digitally printed on ceramic wall plates, they trace stories…more than just putting food on the plate in the form of donations,
their aim was to also start a conversation around
the issue of hunger.

The Hindu

The tagline is simple: “Buy a plate, fill a plate.” Every month, Chitresh Sinha and his team at The Plated Project, in Mumbai, commission artists to create work that will fit within the circle of a dinner plate. Buying just one of their attractive, brightly coloured plates with designs by artists such as Malika Favre and Suket Dhir, equals 10 meals donated.

The Guardian

What started as an Instagram handle with three followers, has now become a community of over 40,000 followers. The project has received recognition from global media platforms like The Guardian and New York Times, and the team was invited to showcase their work at Art Basel, Hong Kong, one of the biggest art fairs in the world.

Forbes India

For ‘A Plate Full of Hope,' The Plated Project has collaborated with 20 prominent international artists such as Pavan Rajurkar, who was featured in Lürzer's Archive's 200 Best Illustrators worldwide, Hana Augustine from Indonesia, who's an AGDA Award of Excellence awardee.

Architectural Digest

Meet the Explorers!

Behind our beautiful creations is a bold team with big dreams

Building Our A-Team

A bunch of passionate individuals, we love pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

One idea, one reinvention, one art piece at a time, we are redefining how art interacts with the world.

Chitresh Sinha


Shonali Nag

Head of Business & Strategy

Kapil Goswami

Head of Operations

Aditya Davey

Head of Marketing & Alliances

Ananya Kala

Illustrator & Designer

Tushara Kothapally

Senior Designer

Saagar Mallah

Logistics & Inventory Management Executive

Tanaz Jamula

Customer Care Lead

Oindrila Gupta

Content Lead

We’re a small team, executing big ideas with even bigger impact. A place where all ideas are equal and encouraged. We work hard & party hard and we also do our part in the fight against hunger!— what more do you want from a place?!

Aditya Davey
Head of Marketing & Alliances

We hold a genuine belief to reduce the number of hungry people in the world.“It isn’t just curating art. Our designs fill plates to end hunger.”

Shonali Nag
Head of Business & Strategy

If you have the heart of an explorer & want to be a part of this team
Write to us at