Call Of The Wild
Explores the critical imbalances within our
ecosystems that exacerbate the global hunger crisis.

7 amazing artists. 10 breathtaking art pieces.

The Plated Project and Dia Mirza have come together
to celebrate the heroic initiatives by Sanctuary Foundation using the power of art.

Art pieces crafted in 24K gold, exquisite canvas frames, framed art plates

Each art piece explores critical ecological issues facing humanity,
imploring a distinct question:

Is this the home we want to leave our children with?

100% of the profits from the series will be donated
to Sanctuary Foundation.

RARE50 serial numbered pieces
each in two volumes

Exclusive Creations by leading artists
with authenticity card

Sustainable 100% eco-conscious

Our Collaborators

Celebrated actress & activist Dia Mirza | Visionary Bittu Sahgal, Founder Sanctuary Asia Magazine

Every piece tells a unique story

The Dancing Deer - Framed Decor Plate
Inspired by local communities
Tigers of Dibang Valley - Pinewood Canvas
A metaphor for all of Nature
Protecting the Langurs Decor Plates (Set of 2)
Encouraging a symbiotic relationship
Elephants Can Remember - Pinewood Canvas
Fostering shared spaces between man & the wild
Juhu's Winged Neighbours - Framed Decor Plate
Addressing the lack of avian biodiversity
The Heart of the Molai Forest - Framed Decor Plate
Inspired by a rewilding mission
The Amber Gaze - Pinewood Canvas
Celebrating our connection with Nature
The Pulse of the Butterfly - Framed Decor Plate
Inspired by conservation efforts
The Call of the Wild - Pinewood Canvas
A tribute to Sanctuary Nature Foundation

The Dancing Deer

Inspired by “Cocoon Conservancy” initiative which aims to empower local communities residing near our most diverse ecosystems as the primary beneficiaries and guardians of our endangered biodiversity

The sound of slow, trepid hooves hung in the air as the Sangai halted to a stop. 

As it stood poised on the marshy wetland, its majestic silhouette remained painted a silvery blue from the moon’s gentle, intuitive glow. The stag observed its surroundings, gracefully adjusting its gait to navigate its ethereal floating home.Would they be the last of their kind? 

A boy stood watching from a distance; for a fleeting moment, their eyes met. The Sangai’s intense gaze pierced through the darkness to greet its fellow inhabitant. The stag receded into the tapestry of foliage, reclaiming its rightful place in the natural world. Yet, the encounter had etched an indelible mark upon both beings, a testament to the profound interconnectedness that binds all life on Earth.

Artist: Khusboo Gupta

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Tigers of Dibang Valley

Inspired by the “Kids for Tigers” initiative where the tiger, a metaphor for all of nature, becomes a rallying point for children working to safeguard their own future.

The family of tigers sat, witnessing trees being felled & majestic rivers being forced to chart new journeys. Their territory was now marred by the cold, unyielding concrete structures that rose skyward. They felt a deep sense of unease, knowing that their sanctuary was under siege.

Children in a nearby school had begun to question the necessity of the dam and its catastrophic consequences. Vibrant posters dotted the school walls, spreading their impassioned plea far and wide. Their collective efforts finally reached the authorities, who eventually considering the ecological implications, halted the construction. 

The kids had stood as a testament to the power of youthful determination. Triumphant, the tigers roamed their territory once again.

Artist: Harsh Namdeo

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Protecting the Langurs

Inspired by the efforts of Vishal Ahuja, a Project Leader of Sanctuary’s “Mud on Boots” project who is single-handedly leading efforts to protect endangered langurs. 

Perched atop the weathered, yellowed fence, the langur gazed upon the transformed landscape. Once a flourishing forest, it had surrendered to the dominance of vast farmlands. Finding fruits to survive had become an arduous task for the langur. 

Yet, the langur savored the taste of a luscious, crimson fruit. This treasure had not come from the cultivated fields but from a hidden grove of wild fruit trees. He had seen the humans planting new fruit trees, witnessed these acts of kindness, unwittingly. A glimmer of hope pierced through the shadows that veiled the valley. The destination was far still, but the golden wheel of time was now turning in their favour. 

Artist: Johnny Ganta

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Elephants Can Remember

Inspired by the efforts of Amir Kumar Chhetri, a Mud on boots project leader who with an aim to foster safer shared spaces between people and wildlife replaced electric fences with solar fences in West Bengal

A flicker of concern passed through the mother elephant’s wise eyes, for the world around them had changed. She watched her playful baby frolicking through the tall grass, stumbling upon a glimmering object. Oblivious to its purpose, the baby charged forward, colliding with a soft thud. 

Fear gripped the mother's heart. However, as she rushed to his side, she saw the sturdy solar panel stood resolute, and her baby remained unharmed.

The mother elephant witnessed the transformative power of the man who had replaced the perilous fences with something safer. Filled with gratitude, she trumpeted a joyous symphony into the wilderness, a melodic appreciation for the man who had become their protector. 

Artist: Khusboo Gupta

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Juhu’s Winged Neighbours

Inspired by Saloni Tirodkar’s piece in Sanctuary Asia that documents her efforts to protect and help Juhu’s winged neighbours.

Seated on stools at the break of dawn, two women shared their first tea of the day amidst the lockdown. The weight of the past months had left them feeling caged within the sanctuary of their own home, while the world had stood still. 

In this moment, as they savoured their tea in early hours of the morning, the world outside resounded with a symphony of melodious bird calls, as if reclaiming its rightful place in the grand tapestry of nature. The world seemed a haven, undisturbed by the incessant buzzing of human activities. In this shared moment, they felt the pulse of change beating within their hearts. The dulcet calls of a majestic, white bird rang through the air, heralding the arrival of a new day. 

A transformed era was on the horizon - one that hopefully didn’t feel as caged to those who live to soar.

Artist: Tanya Timble

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The Heart of Molai Forest

Inspired by Munmuni Payeng one of the Project Leaders for Sanctuary’s Mud on Boots programme who is currently one year into a rewilding mission in collaboration with local community members who have bought into her family’s dream of mothering a forest of one million native trees on sandbars close to the Molaikathoni Forest

Seated upon her lotus throne, Munmuni found herself immersed in the embrace of the vast green expanse of Molai forest in Assam. Above the meandering river of creation, she marveled at the captivating scene that unfolded before her. 

Her vision of  nurturing the growth of a million native trees, bringing forth a flourishing paradise had finally come true. The golden sun shone over her like a blessing, almost showering Nature’s love. She felt fulfilled. 

Just then, her eyes fluttered open & she realized that it had all been but a dream. A serene smile graced her lips; a dream it was, but one that she would see through. 

Artist: Tanya Timble

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The Amber Gaze

Inspired by Govardhan Meena, a project leader for the Mud on Boots programme, who leads a growing band of village-wildlife-guardians in Ranthambore rescue tigers & other animals when they fall into wells.

The magnificent tigress emerged from the wooden box & plunged into the shimmering lake. The shoal of koi fish, as if drawn by an invisible thread, swam towards her, in celebration of her triumphant return.

The tigress had accidentally slipped into an abandoned well. Just then, she looked up to find 5 heads peering down  the well. They slowly lowered a wooden box to her & she clambered into it; she knew she could trust them.

Back in her natural waters, gratitude radiated from the tigress' amber eyes. The koi fish, served as a reminder of the intimate bond that creatures of the earth shared. A connection formed—a bridge transcending the perceived gap between the wild and the humans.

Artist: Shreyasi Pathak

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The Pulse of the Butterfly

Inspired by Phuntsong Dolma, a ‘Mud on Boots’ Project Leader & dedicated Flock Supervisor in the Sheep Husbandry Department of Leh, Ladakh is currently exploring the uses and conservation of various floral species.

As she sank into the barren, yellowed ground, Mother Nature caressed her deepest impulses —her instinctive urge to build a sanctuary where the birds could paint the sky blue, the sun could paint the leaves yellow, the flowers could paint the soul pink. 

Her skin turned an earthy red, the colours of creation. Every flower she yearned for, magically bloomed around her. She realised the power of her dreams. 

She felt the singular pulse of her own heart, a call for transformation. Her soul morphed into a  yellow butterfly & persevered through her cocooned heart to rise above. She watched, as the butterfly began its journey, pollinating, going from one flower to the next.

Artist: Bhumika Mukherjee

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Call of the Wild

This eponymous centerpiece is a tribute to Sanctuary Asia Magazine. A testament to Sanctuary's unwavering dedication, it positions the magazine as the resounding response to the impassioned Call of the Wild. 

As he ventured to the edge of the rocky outcrop, the radiant sun bathed the scene in a golden glow, illuminating the regal leopard perched majestically upon a tree branch. Beneath the shimmering surface of the water, graceful shoals of fish swam. Just above the water's edge, a magnificent snake raised its head, a sentinel guarding its watery domain. 

While the urban world grappled with conflict and disconnection, the forests forged unbreakable bonds with the skies, the lands, and the waters. Each element nourished the other in a delicate dance of interconnectedness. 

The man awoke from his dream-like reverie to the jarring sound of machinery outside his window. His gaze settled on a fallen, giant tree now lying broken on the ground and a resolve stirred within him. He envisioned a magazine that would amplify the voices of those fighting to preserve our planet. And so, Sanctuary was born.

Artist: Svabhu Kohli

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What makes this collection special?

In conversation with Bittu Sahgal & Dia Mirza 

On art, impact & our role in saving the planet that sustains us all