Postcard, Portrait & Circular Puzzles, perfect for framing

Let our puzzles be your escape!

Break free from the relentless rush of everyday life & rediscover
the quiet joy of piecing together puzzles with the ones you love

one piece
at a time

Escape the daily grind, find solace in contemplation, and rediscover serenity. Mull over the contours of the artwork & once complete adorn your home with the masterpiece.

Each intricately crafted puzzle also raises awareness about isolation, anxiety, and mental health struggles. Uncover the profound challenges of the intricate link between food insecurity and mental well-being.

Transform into
statement decor
Bring a moment
of peace & calm
Every purchase
sponsors meals

It’s simply the best.

Our carefully curated designs reveal the beauty of the artworks and the meticulous craftsmanship that went into their creation. Every stroke, every colour, and every detail is brought to life as you piece together the puzzle, immersing yourself in a meditative and engaging experience.1

Expertly crafted on superior materials for a striking matte finish and enduring durability.

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Scatter it. Assemble it. Frame it.

Introducing a first in India—frameable puzzles that evolve into decor masterpieces. Whether hanging on a wall, gracing a shelf, or adorning a table, wherever it resides, it leaves a lasting impression.

Sprinkle your puzzle pieces like confetti on your chosen surface. Play the detective, sorting pieces by colors, shapes, and patterns. Once completed, unleash your inner artist! If you've chosen a frame, gently place the transparent acrylic sheet for a refined finish.

Unwind while you make ripples.

Every puzzle you purchase also addresses the pressing issue of hunger, one piece at a time. Hunger and mental health share a complex relationship, with food insecurity often leading to cognitive and behavioral challenges, anxiety, and depression.

By choosing from this collection, you're sponsoring 10 meals for those in need, offering them respite from the uncertainty of not knowing where their next meal will come from.

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Gather the people you love & embark on a journey of mindfulness!

Pieces of Me Circular Puzzles.

250 pieces | 15 inch | 10-12 hour construct

Explore our circular puzzles collection and break free from the rigidity of geometric designs with our circular puzzles & fall in love with the profound serenity that can be found in the deft movements of your nimble fingers.

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Puzzle Portraits Poster Puzzle

100 pieces | 11.7” W x 16.5” H | 2-3 hour construct

The captivating rectangular Puzzle Portraits invite you to immerse yourself in the exquisite details of the artwork, the vivid colours of the image, and the timeless joy of the puzzle-solving process. Once complete, the beautiful artworks double-up as statement decor pieces.

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Piecing it Together Puzzle Postcards

12 pieces | 6" W x 4" H | 20 minute construct

Often expressing our feelings can be as complicated as putting together a puzzle. Our puzzle postcards are the perfect canvas for all the words that would have otherwise been left unsaid. So, pen down your words on the back of the puzzle & share it with your loved one to piece and frame it.

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