The Hand-painted Artisan Collection

A deep dive into the series

The inaugural collection from the Past.Present.Future. series is a magical exploration of traditional art forms and their interaction with the world, through the years. We unveil two art plates each that explore Gond, Pichwai and Kalighat art forms in unconventional ways.

Holding artists at the centre of this collection, we are collaborating with Creative Dignity and Eki Beki to encourage a future for artisans where they can be celebrated and supported financially for their craftsmanship.

The Legendary Craftsman

The Legendary Heirloom

The Faithful Craftsman

The Faithful Heirloom

The People’s Craftsman

The People’s Heirloom

Our First DIY Creation

Bring out the artist in you

Lend colours to this artwork; Go with our suggested colour scheme, or use watercolours, 3D liners, gold foil, etc giving your imagination free reign. After you’re happy with your creation, give a title to it and make it your own!

Paint away!

From Conceptualisation to Creation

A rare, limited edition collection that is hand-painted and celebrates three traditional art forms via six artistic renditions.

Rare Limited Edition Plates

An Original Creation

Holding Artisans at the centre

Encouraging a financially sustainable future for Artisans

According to official estimates, India is home to 7 million artisans. However, data from unofficial sources indicate that the artisan strength could be as high as 200 million. Owing to the unorganised nature of the handicrafts sector, traditional artisans often find it difficult to sustain themselves in the current market. 

With the complications around building a sustainable livelihood out of their craftsmanship, it becomes difficult for artisans to provide nutritious meals for themselves and their families. 

Every plate from this collection, generates income for the artisans and donates 10 meals with every purchase.



Celebrating 3 traditional artforms with 6 exceptional art plates


Limited production of hand-painted art plates


Each plate sold = 10 meals donated for artisans