Unforgettable memories.
Exquisite gifts.

Seal your wedding day with the perfect favour gift for your guests

Choose from a wide range
Decor Plates | Personalised Candles | Dinnerware | Serveware


Limited Edition pieces
Exclusively curated by global artists


Let your union help someone in need
Each gift sponsors 10 meals


Customise everything
For your loved ones to cherish

01. Wall Decor Plates with Personalised Engravings

Bespoke creations

02. A celestial celebration
for a match made in heaven

Dinnerware crafted in fine bone china & 24K gold

03. Cocoon the moment

Choose from our range of Memory Jar Candles

04. Minimalistic serveware

Thematic collections that tell stories


Breathe a bit of you into everything, from guest invites to party favours!

Exquisite Range. Amazing Impact.

Curate an unforgettable experience for your guests to take home

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For a gift like no other

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