Past.Present.Future Series

This series celebrates traditional art forms in unconventional ways. Each collection from the same, explores elements and patterns particular to certain art forms and applies principles of digital illustration to the same, to craft unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

This dinnerware range celebrates the Gond tribe's intimate connection to nature.

Each handcrafted, organic-shaped ware from the collection features an element of nature and unveils the magical story behind the same.

Of Kings & Queens

An Indian & Mughal Miniature art style inspired tea time collection where traditional elements from the art style are juxtaposed with geometric patterns

Our Newest Decor Launch

The perfect blend of traditional elegance and contemporary charm

On Course

Our Gond-inspired tea time collection showcases intricate patterns and common motifs from the Gond art style, illustrated against a modern backdrop.

The Hand-painted Artisan Collection

Reimagining 3 traditional art forms Gond, Kalighat & Pichwai through a series of 6 hand-painted art plates

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