Celebrating traditional artforms in unexplored ways

Through a collection of 6 handpainted art plates, this series reimagines traditional art forms and stitches elements from India’s rich, artistic past, seamlessly into a present, that can encourage a future where artists are loved, and financially supported for their craftsmanship. 

The Gond ART Plates

Curves and strokes are a unique characteristic of the Gond art form, which creates a fascinating illusion of movement within the still images.

The Kalighat ART Plates

Kalighat Art originated in 19th century West Bengal and developed from a more elaborate Pattachitra style.

The Pichwai ART Plates

The 400-year-old art form, originating in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, almost exclusively depicts Shrinathji – the youthful manifestation of Lord Krishna.

Our First DIY Canvas

Lend colours to this canvas with our easy-to-follow guide insert; This DIY kit comes with 2 paintbrushes and a set of colours to start you off! Go with our suggested colour scheme, or use watercolours, 3D liners, gold foil, etc giving your imagination free rein.

After you’re happy with your creation, give a title to it and make it your own!