In our land where orality rules communication,
where 800 spoken languages reign,
lives a population that does not speak any of them.

These are the 63 million people who suffer from deafness in India.
How can they form authentic connections if almost no one speaks or understands their only known language?

Our September launch - ‘Unspoken’ wishes to voice what cannot be said and what is not said.

We’ve collaborated with some incredible masters of the spoken word - Karuna Ezara Parikh, Anand Gandhi, Harnidh Kaur, Pratishtha Khattar Ishpunani, Medha Sharma, Sanket Singh and Lasya Karthikeyan to use their words and our art to convey emotions and feelings which are usually left unspoken.

Our attempt is to raise awareness awareness about equality for the deaf and also make real impact by sponsoring meals for them.

For every plate bought, 7 meals will be donated to Turnstone Global, which looks after the Deaf community.
The funds will be used to provide ration kits to prepare the meals. (fund transfer enabled by GiveIndia)

Typeface used for 'Unspoken' is Helping Hands designed by Nakul Singal. Check out his work here.