Through the windows

by Aashti Miller


It consists of:

Midnight light (10 inch)

Living windows (10 inch)


Makes for the perfect gift for art lovers!


Midnight light 

Restless pillows. Fluttering eyelids. Racing minds. Sleepless. 


Dreaming with our eyes open about home loans, dream jobs, loveless marriages, injustice, butterflies in the stomach, next month’s EMI and when his text will arrive.


Toss. Turn. Light. Dawn. 


A reply. A solution. An answer. The ugly truth we want to avoid creeps out from the shadows. Dreams. Nightmares. 




Hope. Dread. Excitement. Anticipation. Panic.


A million eyelids flutter open. Some never shut. We all walk under the same sun. 


Let’s focus on the light that unites us, not the darkness in our minds that divides. 



Living windows 

Uncle waves hello from the balcony. 55, retired government official. Closet lover of jazz music and dances in his kitchen everyday after his wife falls asleep.

An incredible smell wafts out from Seema Aunty’s kitchen window. Fudge brownies. Her marriage is on the verge of breaking, and baking is the only thing keeping her sane. 

Good boy Akash is bent over his desk. To the passerby, he is the studious topper studying 15 hours a day. He’s actually gazing longingly at his bicycle, wanting to go to Tour de France instead of Patel Maths Tutorials. 

We see them. We don’t see them at all. Look closer.

Through the windows