Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”
Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”
Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”
Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”
Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”
Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”
Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”

Sculpting Memories | Fabric Wall Art (Double-Sided) | Large- 18”x24”

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Designed by Surabhi Banerjee

Our printed fabric wall hangings feature elegantly crafted artworks by global artists that can transform your space within seconds. Go with a boho-chic tapestry look or add on the classic rosewood flip-frame.

Sculpting Memories" encapsulates the vibrant anticipation of Durga Puja, painting a visual symphony of traditions and shared moments. This artwork subtly highlights the issue of preserving cultural heritage and community bonds, emphasizing the importance of sustaining traditions in the face of modern challenges. It invites viewers to reflect on the cultural richness embedded in festivals and the collective memories that bind communities together, fostering a sense of shared identity and continuity.

Material: Crafted on premium fabric that is non-fading, stain resistant, wrinkle free and washable

Size: Large- 18”x24” (double-sided)

Includes: One double-sided textile art, boho-chic tapestry mount and story card

Care Instructions: Clean gently with a dry or damp cloth

Sculpting Memories

As Durga Puja looms, the city transforms into a canvas of anticipation. We await the rhythmic beats of the dhak to echo through the air, a prelude to the impending festivities. Artists sculpt goddess Durga and her entourage from humble mud, each stroke an ode to tradition. On the local train, vendors appear like festive apparitions, their baskets brimming with sweets and offerings. The rhythmic clatter of the train is now accompanied by the joyful banter of those preparing for the pujas. Nostalgia wafts in the air, mingling with the scent of incense and the promise of reunions. The city, yet again, becomes a haven of shared memories, where every nook whispers tales of pujas gone by.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from The Plated Project?
"All our Fabric Flip Arts are carefully designed by global artists & each piece comes with a thoughtfully crafted story card that surrounds a social issue. With every piece you buy you will also sponsor at least 10 meals for the hungry fighting the global hunger crisis with art. With an easy-to-maintain dust and water repellent coating, preserving their impeccable appearance is a breeze. "
What are the specifications for Fabric Wall Art?
"Our first ever double or single sided fabric wall art range is crafted on premium fabric that is non-fading & stain-resistant making it easy to clean. It comes in 3 sizes, 18"" L x 12.5"" W (Medium), 24"" L X 18"" W (Large), 36"" L x 24"" W (XL) and has the option to add a rosewood frame as well. "
How long will it take for an international orders to reach me?
We generally deliver international orders within 12-15 business days.
How can I track or modify my order?
Once your order has been shipped a tracking link will be generated which will be sent to you via email and whatsapp. You can use this link to track your order. For modifications, you can contact us via whatsapp or email for upto 3 days from the day you place the order.
How can I personalise this for gifting & make it more special?
You can choose to gift wrap & add a handwritten note to any order that you have.
Do you have any special discounts/offers on bulk gifting?
We always offer special discounts on bulk orders on a case to case basis. As you also sponsor meals with every product you buy, we also provide 80G certificates to conttribute to your impact or CSR goals.
How do I clean & keep the Fabric Wall Art in good condition?
its wrinkle free and stain-resistant. Clean gently with a dry or damp cloth
How do I flip the artwork in a framed, double-sided wall art?
To flip your artwork just unlock the clip at the corners on the back of the frame, flip the artwork withing and relock the clips.

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