Where art meets tea

Delve into our tea time collections that push the boundaries of art and storytelling.
Tea times are doorways into little conversations, lasting friendships, memories created as the sun rose and set.

Our collections serve as gentle reminders of these beautiful times, while making room for more such tête-à-têtes.

On Course

This Gond-inspired collection, part of the Past. Present.Future series, juxtaposes rich patterns and recurring motifs from Gond art style against modern backdrops

The hand-crafted, organic-shaped wares are thoughtfully designed with pops of orange amidst bold patterns of black & white, to bring contemporary charm to the traditional style.

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Of Kings & Queens

The Of Kings & Queens collection draws inspiration from Indian and Mughal Miniature paintings. The traditional elements from the art style are juxtaposed with geometric patterns bringing contemporary charm and elegance into your homes.

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Organic-shaped wares crafted in India

Each item sold = 10 meals donated

One-of-a-kind Gond-inspired collection


This collection is a modern rendition of classic masterpieces using minimalist art.
It comes crafted in Fine Bone China, with each delicate stroke accentuated in 24K gold.

Discover how each piece ties together a fascinating story.

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Part of me

This collection celebrates women and their lives through simple, minimalist art. 

Hand-crafted in Fine Bone China, each piece navigates the twists and turns of a woman’s life. Bold lines encapsulate her hair, while splashes of colour highlight her beauty. 

Discover how each piece ties together a fascinating story.

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Light up a memory

Explore our range of aromatic candles to take a trip down memory lane!