Have you ever noticed a familiar smell that immediately transported you to a lost time?
That is the “Proust effect”, the spontaneous cue of vivid memories.

Smell is one of the strongest triggers for memory, and with these thoughtfully curated aromatic candles, we beckon you to relive iconic moments from your life.

Birthday Mornings

Celebratory hints of vanilla & cinnamon
Reminiscent of that one day in a year where you knew the day belonged to you.

Nani's Essence

Reassuring hints of jasmine
Reminiscent of the Summers spent at Nani's with the comfort from her champis and stories from her past.

Unerasable Bonds

Wistful hints of strawberry & kiwi
Reminiscent of friendships that grow out of tender promises & endless banter, to last a lifetime.

A Comfort Hug

Soothing hints of fig & cassis thyme
Reminiscent of an old flame whose embrace could warm your heart on cold winter mornings.

Cozy Corners

Warming hints of orange & patchouli
Reminiscent of the warmth of your homey corners and yellowed pages of your favourite book.

A Fresh Start

Refreshing hints of mimosa & cardamom
Reminiscent of the butterflies in your stomach as you take the next big step & the joy of things yet to come.