An Afternoon of Us | Decor Plates | 10"
An Afternoon of Us | Decor Plates | 10"
An Afternoon of Us | Decor Plates | 10"
An Afternoon of Us | Decor Plates | 10"
An Afternoon of Us | Decor Plates | 10"

An Afternoon of Us | Decor Plates | 10"

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Designed by Maanvi Kapur

“An Afternoon of Us” captures a modern love story intertwined with timeless traditions. Amidst digital connections and ancient echoes, their love highlights the importance of cherishing shared moments in the face of societal challenges like isolation and mental health issues. This narrative illuminates the delicate link between emotional well-being and accessible nourishment, urging a compassionate approach to address these pressing issues with empathy and understanding.

High-quality art on a ceramic plate

Size: 10 inches

Weight: 800 grams

Includes: Foldable display stand. A spring hook for easy wall mounting. Special card with a lovingly written story.

Care & instructions: The plate is meant for display purposes only, not serving. Do not wash the plate. To clean, use a wet wipe or a soft cloth.

An Afternoon of Us

The afternoon had brought in a hushed respite to their otherwise busy day. Shashi reveled in the beauty of a modern love intertwined with timeless traditions. They had met in the digital labyrinth of dating apps, an improbable journey that had left him marveling at his stroke of luck. As she dozed off mid-conversation, he lay on her stomach, captivated by the serene tableau of his sleeping bride. Draped in a saree with waves of black hair, she possessed an old soul that resonated with the afternoon stillness. In these stolen moments, he traced the contours of her face. He had found his home in her. The fusion of modern connection and ancient echoes in their love story painted a picture where, in the simplicity of shared silences, the depth of their bond unfolded like a cherished chapter in the book of time. "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from TPP?
All our decor plates are carefully designed by global artists & each piece comes with a thoughtfully crafted story card that surrounds a social issue. With every plate you buy you will also sponsor at least 10 meals for the hungry fighting the global hunger crisis with art. Indulge in the allure of high-quality ceramic plates digitally printed in high resolution that effortlessly enhances any space. With an easy-to-maintain dust and water repellent coating, preserving their impeccable appearance is a breeze.
Are these decor plates handpainted, what is their material, shape & size? Or What are the different kinds of decor plates you have on the site?
"We have different collections of art plates. While some are digitally printed, some are hand-painted. Our regular artplates come in 3 sizes 5 inches, 7 inches & 10 inches. Our exclusively crafted Red Dot collection comes in round or squaricle format & is exclusively produced on Germany sourced wares. These are available in the 10 inch size & each plate is serial numbered on the verso. Our handpainted collection is a rare, limited edition range that is produced in small batches & is created in collaboration with rural artisans. The sale of each piece pays an artist. "
How long will it take for an international orders to reach me?
We generally deliver international orders within 12-15 business days.
How can I track or modify my order?
Once your order has been shipped a tracking link will be generated which will be sent to you via email and whatsapp. You can use this link to track your order. For modifications, you can contact us via whatsapp or email for upto 3 days from the day you place the order.
Can I use the decor plates as serving plates or display dishes?
The plate is meant for display purposes only, not serving. Do not wash the plate. To clean, use a wet wipe or a soft cloth.
Does it come ready to hang and/or with stand?
"Each plate comes individually packed in its box: It includes: an acrylic display stand, a spring hook (for 10"" and 7"" plates), separate wall hooks (for 5"" plates). It includes an A5 insert card which talks about the artwork & the story behind it & the cause it is raising awareness about. The plate is packed in between a layer of foam to protect it during transportation."
How can I personalise decor plates for gifting & make it more special?
We have personalised engravings available on a diverse selection of our plates. Additionally you can also choose to gift wrap & add a handwritten note to any order that you have.
Do you have any special discounts/offers on bulk gifting?
We always offer special discounts on bulk orders on a case to case basis. We also offer customisation to help you tell your brand story right. We can either use one of our existing designs, or by partnering with an artist create an entirely new piece of art. We also offer customisation in terms of branding, packaging, customised stories and gift wrap as well. Please contact for more information. You can also check out our offerings here:

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Fantastic Product!

Decor plates from the plated project add the perfect warmth and artistic touch to your home. Be it your bedroom, living room or outdoors the variety of plates, bright colour and intricacy or the art work make your walls pop ! My only feedback is for faster delivery times for every order. Keep up the good work.

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